New all-natural oral supplement to decrease oxidative stress for you, your horse, and your dog!


Oxidative stress is what causes cell death. Everyone has exposure to oxidative stress due to breathing oxygen and the pollutants found throughout the environment(pesticides, insecticides, preservatives in food, etc). 

In the body, nutrients and oxygen are metabolized into energy (ATP) and waste products (free radicals). The waste products are damaging to the cell membrane, the cell organelles, the mitochondria, and even the DNA. If the body is not able to detoxify all the waste products, a person begins to experience oxidative stress (starts after approx. 25 years). In people, oxidative stress is linked to over 200 degenerative )diseases (i.e. rheumatic arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, MS, etc.)


 HORSES: All horses are subject to oxidative stress as well, and this stress is linked to aliments including (but not limited to) gastric ulcers, laminitis, exercise intolerance/tying up, soft tissue injuries, osteoarthritis, weaning, parasitism (including EPM), allergies, COPD, competition stress/immunosuppression, and cancer.


All mammals are subject to oxidative stress!


In humans, to detoxify the body from everyday levels of oxidative stress you would have to eat at least 350 oranges per day! That’s not practical nor feasible. Instead, this nutraceutical product will allow you to get the same level of antioxidant protection in one daily capsule. 


Our practice is one of the few in the country where you can order this scientifically proven and vet endorsed product to reduce oxidative stress on average 40% in 30 days.

The recommended product for horses is the Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer (30 capsules). Maintanence dosage for a healthy horse is 1 capsule once a day. Call Dr. Handy for theraputic dosage for additional conditions or for any other questions/concerns. 



Dogs have their own product line in a chewable tablet called Petandim.



People can take both the Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer and the Protandim Nrf1 Synergizer. 

**Purchasing only through this website guarantees compliance, authenticity, and efficacy of these products**

Live life longer and healthier-for you, your dogs, and your horses!

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